Les Calcatoggios have been part of the ska scene of the German capital since 1998; they celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2023. This makes them one of the longest-continually-serving Berlin ska combos. Founded on a holiday trip to Corsica when staying in a small place called Calcatoggio, they have been playing the stages of Berlin and its environs ever since. However, they have also been touring to other parts of Germany as well as Poland, France and Spain by now. They have played several times at the ApoSkalypse-Festival and the Skanta Klaus-Festival in Berlin, at the This is Ska-Festival in Dessau and the Spirit of the streets-Festival near Magdeburg.

The band is made up of eight people: Ela on the drums, Roland plays the guitar,
Sandra at the lead vocals, Hajo plays the bass guitar and Tor the piano. The brass section consists of Paula (tenor sax), Thomas (trumpet) and Benny (trombone).

Their music feels lively and refreshing. Basically they want to get everyone dancing and singing along. Catchy melodies, ingenious rhythm changes and the courage to do the unusual will get your dancing shoes smoking.